Hair Tutorial: Braided Up-do

Today we have a hair tutorial for a beautiful bridal braided up-do! Read here to follow the steps as we break down our hair stylist Sio’s youtube look from this week!

Step 1: Section the hair from ear to ear.

Step 2: Create another part at the crown of the head and tie into a ponytail.

Step 3: Begin your sections for the french braids by parting from the temple to the temple.

Step 4: Begin your first french braid. Use any smoothing products if necessary. Secure your braids with bobby pins.

Step 5: After braids are complete, create a base by rolling the hair and securing with bobby pins.

Step 6: With the hair that is left, begin to create ringlets and pin them around the base. Secure with pins!

Step 7: Continue forming ringlets until all of the hair has been pinned.

And now check out Jordan Wyandt use these awesome brands to create this look here

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Stay Fabulous!



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