Product Review: The Power Of Makeup Palette by Nikkie Tutorials

This week we are testing out the brand new palette from Too Faced that was beautifully designed by youtube and instagram sensation, Nikkie Tutorials! For everyone here at Bridal Beauty we’ve been dying waiting for this palette to launch, so when we finally got it in the mail we were ecstatic to try it out

FullSizeRender (1)

Nikkie’s palette comes with 9 gorgeous eyeshadow shades, 2 blushes, a bronzer, highlighter, a glitter pot, a full-sized black liquid liner pen, and a travel sized better than sex mascara. Trust me, people, she hooks you up with this palette. Currently selling for $56 and almost sold out EVERYWHERE, we’d say you definitely get your bang for your buck considering all the extra goodies you get in addition to the palette.

The packaging for this kit is super cute and we love how she showed us her signature style, it really is a little piece of heaven from Nikkie’s world. Everything in the kit is pretty well pigmented, and the foiled shades are to DIE for. This particular palette can go from super natural to ultra glam considering all the shades she provides you with.

We loved getting to play with this kit and our consensus is that you will too!

Check out our professional makeup artist Jordan Wyant as she demonstrates a look using The Power of Makeup Palette by Nikkie Tutorials!

The Power of Makeup

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Best Red Lips of 2016

The red lip has always been a staple in the beauty community. From Cleopatra, to Coco Chanel, and Elizabeth Arden the red lip has long been a sign of elegance and sophistication. Every year and every season we see countless shades of red introduced by makeup companies all over the globe and so far this year, these 4 have been our favorite!

Fiona Stiles Color Impact Matte Lip Crayon in Rialto ($16)


This truly satin cream lip formulation has a beautiful long wear without being over drying on the lips. This shade is a good warm red for dark or fair skin tones and is best with summer looks!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in EZ ($17)


This creamy formulation provides the wearer with intense pigment as well as moderate hydration. This is a true cherry red and is a great vintage look!

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Miss Conduct ($24)


This liquid lipstick formulation is probably the most impressive and wearable to be introduced on to the market. Not only is the wear time so incredible you can eat through it, but it is never overly drying on the lips (which is a problem with most every liquid lipstick). The pigment pay-out is everything you’d dream of and their color palette is beautiful! We look forward to snagging every single color from this recent launch!

Paul & Joe Lipstick in Coffee Cherry ($20)


Not only is this lipstick the cats meow but it is multi-dimentional. Meaning you’ll get that super awesome cherry pigment but the cat decal in the center of the stick acts as a highlight giving a glowy sheen to the lipsticks finish! Pretty cool, huh?! We also love how it feel and we love achieving that effortless glow!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2016 Red lip break down!

Don’t forget to check out our Professional Makeup Artist Jordan Wyandt and she shows us how she wear a red lip right here!

Soft Cat-Eye and Red Lip

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Product Review: Modern Renaissance Palette

This week we’re checking out a brand new palette that just launched last month! It’s the much anticipated Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills!


At first glance this palette is absolutely stunning to look at. A very sophisticated design, the modern renaissance palette has a pink velvet outer cover with 14 gorgeous shades that will take us effortlessly into the fall. The brush that is packaged within out palette is very well made, to our surprise. Not all brushes are created equal and we’re use to the brushes included in our palettes not always being the best, but i will say Anastasia doesn’t skimp on their brushes and we’ve now added this palette brush to our regular arsenal of tools.

As far as the pigment pay out for these colors, all we have to say is “YAS!” because they are so pigmented you almost have to be careful how much you use! Which gives us hope for a much longer lasting palette that can actually go the distance. These colors are so creamy and they pop so well you can see them from a mile away!

We also love that there are shades for every skin tone in this palette so everyone should be encouraged to go out and snag their modern renaissance. Not only are these shades multi-tonal but the color palette is so broad that you can achieve an endless variety of looks!



our final word on the Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills? It is a must have for every kit and we are in love!


Check out our Professional Makeup Artist Jordan Wyandt creating her look by using the Modern Renaissance Palette here…

Modern Renaissance Tutorial

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Product Review: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

This week our team got to take a look at one of the best palettes to come out this March 2016. When the Sweet Peach Palette launched it flew off the shelves so fast it was hard for anyone to snag their little piece of peachy fabulousness, and since Too Faced won’t be restocking this gorgeous palette until November 2016 (just in time for all Peach-onistas to rock these perfect fall shades), we thought we’d give all those who might’ve missed out a chance to check it out!


At first glance, this palette’s appearance is so beautifully crafted to not only fit the sweet peach theme but also provides artists and makeup junkies the durability required to keep these gorgeous shades safe! We love the metal case and the adorable graphics created to accomplish such goals.


Upon opening this fabulously sweet palette it is literally that…sweet! Too Faced managed to capture the perfect peach scent and infused all of their shades with it. So, this palette looks and smells awesome! However, if you are a person who is not fond of strong fragrance or a scent to your cosmetics this palette may not be for you because it is rather strong (though we BBA like it), and may not be for all consumers.

Wearing these colors makes this palette even more exciting because the pigment pay out is awesome, and because this palette offers a multitude of shades this palette works well with both fair and deep skin tones. Hallelujah! Finally a palette that can go the distance for every makeup artist!

Our final word on the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is if you don’t mind fragrance and are looking for a bevy of beautiful fall shades with a high pigment pay out, don’t miss it this November when Too Faced re-stocks it’s shelves!

Check out our makeup artist Jordan Wyandt slaying with the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette here…

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Look

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Summer 2016 Wedding Beauty Trends

Here at Bridal Beauty Associates, we’ve had our fair share of brides so far this summer and we’re so excited to be seeing a lot of the new trends from the 2016 bridal fashion week that took place back in May. Here are some of the biggest run way looks that we’ve seen our brides rocking so far this summer!


Naturally Strong Brows


This season brides have been taking a page out of Cara Delevigne’s book and have been working on their brow game.

To achieve this look for your big day, we recommend that you let your brows grow out for atleast 4 weeks prior to shaping. Make sure you book your brow appointment a couple days prior to the wedding, incase of any redness or irritation to the wax or epilation treatment. Some good products for adding structure and shape to your brows are Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Definer ($23), and from Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow ($24).



The new highlighting trend called strobing is a really natural way to give your skin that dewey glow without looking overly made up, which is why this is the perfect way to highlight your bride to be!

We recommend using a liquid highlight to achieve a strobe effect on the skin. Our favorites are Becca Cosmetics’s Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector ($41) and Benefit Cosmetics High Beam ($26)

Un-done Up-do’s 


This look has been super popular this summer! Everyone has been trading in the overly structured tight buns for free-flowing untamed tresses. This style is certainly for the more contemporary or more laid-back bride, either way we think it looks low-key and chic.

To achieve this look, try to stick with loose curls and minimal styling products- something that won’t harden the hair and keep it light and flowy! But ultimately working with your hair stylist and bringing lots of pictures will be the best way to achieve this look.

No Makeup Makeup


Most of the brides we’ve helped this season have requested very minimal makeup, which we love! Being able to enhance the brides natural features while still allowing them to feel like themselves is the perfect way for your bride to say “I do!”.

To achieve this look we recommend that you start with your skincare, so getting a facial with exfoliation a couple days before hand is always a great idea. This will guarantee that the makeup will sit naturally on the skin and that it will look its best. Also, booking a makeup artist that specializes in airbrush makeup applications will be extremely beneficial since airbrush looks and feels the most natural or all the many foundations on the market.

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing about our favorite trends so far from this 2016 summer wedding season!

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Perfect Timing

Most of us have been planning our wedding day since we were kids. But for those of us that have not lets talk wedding plans…

When planning for wedding beauty services be mind full of your regular beauty routines facials, waxing, color and cut services. Picking your wedding day beauty team  needs to be on your wedding to do list its just as important as everything else. Keep in mind this look will be in your wedding album and pictures last a lifetime.

6 months before the wedding beauty to do list (Begin scheduling appointments) bridal beauty logo bw (1)

Hair and makeup consultation with beauty team


3 months before the wedding beauty to do list:

Manicure and pedicure (once a week for manicure and every 3 for pedicure) routine

Facial (book tailored to your current skin type)

Hair and makeup trial (bring lots of pictures)

Touch up hair color, trim and treatment (with current stylist)

1 week before the wedding to do list

Prepare beauty kit for day of

lipstick, blotting paper, mints, tissue, bobby pins, hairspray, ect

Day before the wedding beauty to do list: egg-hair

shampoo and dry hair ( a little oil helps hold styles)

Get a massage (RELAX)

DAY of the wedding to do list:

tiara 2

Hair and makeup (plan time for getting dressed and a few minutes to relax)

15 minutes before the wedding:

Touch up makeup

Spray hair and attach hair accessories

Prepping for your wedding day with a list helps reduce stress. Happy wedding day!!








Wedding Gown Drool

Decisions Decisions… Bridal Beauty Associates is here to help. We have matched spring and summer top wedding gowns with amazing hair and makeup looks. So we wanted to offer our artist expertise to help you narrow down your decisions.

Cape Gown: plunge neck with lace cape, wavy texture hair, smoky eye with soft lip

Short Layer Dress: top knot hairstyle, layered bottom short dress lace top, soft neutral eye and lip with rosy cheek

Crop Top Dress:2 piece gown lace sparkle top with full skirt, trendy braid, soft smoky eye with highlight for glow


2016 trendy gowns with hair and makeup inspiration which look will you go for on your wedding day?

To crown or not to crown

Tiaras and headpieces are a huge fashion statement for 2016 weddings. Here are a few tips to help you determine  “To Crown or Not to Crown”

  1. Wedding gown or dress: Determine if your dress is the statement or your head-piece. If your gown or dress is the statement go with a more classic tiara, like rhinestones or diamonds just to add a little sparkle. But if the headpiece is your statement go for something uniquely designed maybe a flower crown or colorful stones.
  2. Hairstyle: All hairstyles can be  accessorize. Just keep in mind your focus if you have an elegant half up half down or up-do go with a traditional tiara or headpiece. If your hair is lightly tousled with curls or waves think outside the box with a crystal headband  or any statement tiara or  headpieces.
  3. Wedding theme: No matter  the wedding theme, there is a tiara or headpiece for every style. Choose from princess rustic or modern just remember to incorporate  other wedding designs and ideas .
  4. Wedding Accessories: Lets not have to many statement pieces if our earrings or necklace are the statement keep the tiara or headpiece dainty  go with smaller rhinestones. If your jewelry is simple and the tiara is the statement go with bigger rhinestones or a few different flower arrangements for a flower crown.

Always remember this is your big day and your headpiece is either the statement or the accessory. Be sure to visit and shop the latest trends of head pieces and tiaras.



Natural Everyday Makeup

Preps to a natural everyday makeup look…

  1. Start with a clean face
  2. Apply foundation to receive an even skin tone
  3. Apply concealer under eyes to hide dark circles
  4. Apply loose pressed powder for longer-lasting effect
  5. SMILE!! Apply blush to cheekbones
  6. Apply blush to apple of cheeks
  7. Fill in eye brows
  8. Apply soft shade like pink to eyelids
  9. Apply eyeliner to waterline
  10. Apply mascara to eyelashes
  11. Apply lip liner  for base of lipstick or gloss
  12. Apply a setting spray and you are all set

This easy makeup application gives you an amazing natural  makeup look.


Even Flawless Skin

We all want a flawless skin tone when we apply our makeup…Here is an easy start to finish on how to cover unsightly blemishes.

  1. Wash your face and apply any recommend medications/treatments
  2. Use a primer to even out skin tone
  3. Generously cover each blemish with concealer (don’t blend yet)
  4. Use tone corrector if needed (don’t blend yet)
  5. Apply foundation to your face and begin blending.
  6. Set your makeup with powder